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Close to Retirement Age & FORGOT TO PLAN?

We can work with you to help you get your finances straight, so you can retire on time or maybe even early!

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Ricardo & Halisi

If you’re like us, you were living your life – helping your kids through college and other endeavors, taking a vacation here and there, and strivin’.  Then one day you wake up and realize 50 is staring you in the face and your savings and retirement account look piddly.

We changed the way we handled our finances and within three years our net worth went from -$22k to $800k+ and we were in a position to retire.  We are currently scouting locations to retire abroad.

If you believe you might need some help in those areas, book a call with us.  We will help you come up with a plan, to get your finances straight so that you can retire or maybe just…work less!

Beyond the Bling Couples Sprint

This was a really good, informative, packed workshop. The weekly homework made us think about our spending habits and the things we could limit or discontinue … A daily $5 cup of coffee seems less important when there is a goal.” ~Tracy & Nieka

Beyond the Bling is our money mindset makeover program for Black couples.** This program is designed for folks who want to have the option to retire as quickly as possible, but cannot see a way. 

**This is an on-camera group coaching environment where we tackle cultural hurdles. It is imperative that we provide a safe space, which is why we insist that at least one member identifies as Black.  The couple may be an accountability couple, they need not necessarily cohabitate.



One half-hour session. Types of Questions to prepare:

  • How do I get a Residency visa for Mexico or Portugal?
  • What do I need to move abroad?
  • How can I retire with a mortgage?
  • How can I retire with student loans?
  • How can I retire and still make my monthly payments?

1 Hour Coaching Session* | $117

One 1-hour individualized Zoom coaching session.  After this session, you will have an actionable plan to move forward towards retirement.


Beyond the Bling is our group-coaching 6-week program that will “jump-start” your retirement plan. If you are new to the idea of financial independence or planning for retirement then this is the program for you.  After these sessions, you will have created and begun to execute your new financial plan.  We will review your progress at each session so that you can tweak your plan as necessary.

5 Personalized Session Bundle* | $487

This program is best for folks that have a retirement account but have no idea how to start planning for retirement. After these sessions, you will have created and begun to execute your new financial & retirement plan.  We will review your progress at each session and tweak your plan as necessary.


*We are not financial advisors but financial educators.  We will always suggest that you to do your own research, and seek the help of a licensed advisor if you believe that it is necessary.

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